Frequently Asked Question

13. What are the requirements for importing donations into the country?

Listed below are the requirements for submission of importation of donations in accordance with the Ministry of Health & Child Care (MoHCC) guidelines;


5.1 Documentation from the applicant/ donor clearly stating the name and address of the recipient, distribution agent as well as donation certificate or supporting letter.

5.2 Detailed list of the medicines to be donated bearing all the information on generic names, manufacturers, expiry dates and the remaining shelf life (at least one year) and quantities should be submitted.

5.3 The certificates of analysis for the batches of donated medicines should be attached.

5.4 Expected date of arrival, mode of transport and port of entry should be stated.

5.5 The medicines to be donated should be registered by the MCAZ. In the exceptional cases where this is not possible, they must be cleared by the MCAZ before they can be released for distribution

5.6 Each individual container of the medicine should be clearly labelled in English and should bear the international non-proprietary name (INN) or generic name

It is important to note that authorization is granted prior to the dispatch of the consignment from the country of origin and not upon arrival at the port of entry. Upon arrival in Zimbabwe, the medicinal consignment will be verified through physical examination by regulatory officers from the MCAZ.