Frequently Asked Question

14. What are the requirements when travelling to Zimbabwe pertaining to medicines for personal use? Can patients who are on prescribed narcotics for treatment bring them into the country?

Persons with medicines for personal use can bring them into Zimbabwe as long as they have a valid prescription for the medicines or the medicines have labels indicating that the medicines were dispensed from a pharmacy. The quantities also are not supposed to exceed 6 months’ supply.


Patients prescribed Part IV Dangerous Drugs (according to the Dangerous Drugs Act Chapter 15:02) can bring them into the country. Part IV Dangerous Drugs include the following:

6.1 Medicinal opium

6.2 Cocaine

6.3 Morphine and any salts of morphine, cocaine or alkaloid of opium if likely to cause ill effect if improperly used or if it may be converted to such substances it may then be included in the list.

6.4 Pethidine

6.5 Methadone

6.6 Phentanyl

6.7 Methylphenidate