Frequently Asked Question

26. What is the procedure when one of the directors of a company resigns and a new one is appointed?

You will be required to notify the Authority in writing of any changes that occur to the directorship of the company. The notification should be accompanied by the following;

9.1 An updated CR14 of the company

9.2 Written confirmation from the Pharmacist Council indicating compliance with the provisions of Section 124 of the Health Professions Act [Chapter 27:19].

9.3 Proof of residence or citizenship for the new director(s).  This can be in the form of a certified copy of national identity card or passport.

9.4 Police clearance or affidavit for the new director(s) that states that they have not within the three (3) years application been convicted of any offence related to medicines or dishonesty.

9.5 Completed application forms for the issue of a premises licence indicating the new directorship. Please follow the link below to download the application form;

9.6 You will also be required to pay an amendment fee of $34.50 (inclusive of VAT) for the premises licence.