Thursday, 28 October 2021


   Grace Ruramai Matimba, Zimbabwe

   Organisation Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe
   Regulatory Science Fellow (2020; Cohort)




I am a senior regulatory officer in the Evaluations and Registration division.  My responsibilities include evaluating medicines before they are marketed and evaluating post marketing variations to ensure that medicines, both brand-name and generic, are safe, effective and of good quality. I am also involved in conducting and facilitating technical and administrative training of division members.

Since 2015 l have been taking part in Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) joint assessment sessions for human allopathic medicine applications. I am also part of the SADC technical working group responsible for drafting the SADC guidelines for Product Information and Labeling.

I received my bachelor of pharmacy degree from the University of Zimbabwe in 2013. Before joining MCAZ in 2014, I briefly worked as a community pharmacist.

Area of research interest

An analysis of labels and package inserts of registered Household Remedies (general sale medicines) registered in Zimbabwe.These medicines can be purchased in places such as supermarkets where there is no contact with health professionals. This analysis seeks to assess if medicine labels and package inserts for registered Household Remedies include all the pertinent information, required in line with MCAZ guidelines and statutory requirements. Additionally the adequacy of the Zimbabwe requirements to ensure appropriate selection and safe use of the HR medicines by the consumers in light of the strategies that have been implemented by other regulators (such as label standardization) will be assessed.

What do you hope to gain from the fellowship?

I believe the fellowship in Regulatory Science for African Medicine Assessors offers me a great opportunity to expand my regulatory knowledge, gain research skills and form international professional networks. I will share the knowledge gained from this training with my colleagues and other assessors in the SADC region. This will help in creating an efficient regulatory system in the region.

I am also hoping that the research I will undertake during the course of this fellowship will ultimately lead to the formulation of clearer labeling guidelines for Household Remedies.

Regulatory mentor: Dr Karoline Buhre, The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) Germany

Academic Mentor: Prof Star Khoza, University of Western Cape, South Africa